My name is Amy and I hold a Diploma and a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care. I currently hold 5 to 6years experience in the industry, while also studying my Bachelor in Education (Early Years). I have two younger siblings who are in their early teens, who are great fun and is where my interest in Children's Services comes from. I personally enjoy cooking and getting out and about! I enjoy extending my professional development so that it benefits the children. I’ve lived in the Wollondilly and Southern Highlands shires my whole life, and enjoy being a local.
I believe children should always have the opportunity to use their hands, this is the way they learn!Allowing children to use the indoor/outdoor program lets them do this and reach the key milestones, in their own time. Having the opportunity to follow their interests and use this flexibility keeps the children engaged and further encourages the learning process.

Children will have the opportunity to express and further their interests within the program. Extending these interests with new and exciting experiences allow children to further their knowledge as they please.

I believe children should be able to come to groups as they wish and with interest. Children who are often forced into groups and experiences distract the others which will impair their learning - which is what we don't want!

Children will also have the opportunity to express their likings and will be able to experiment with new activities, foods and sensory items as they grow and develop.

Children will always be provided challenging situations and activities that are suited to them. This is a great part of the learning cycle and allows children to self-develop their skills. Challenges will always be assisted, and of course if the child needs help, it is there for them to take.

 My name is Emily! I currently hold my Certificate 3 in Early Childhood.  I have always know that I would work with children as I aspired to be a teacher from a young age.  I started to followthis throughmy high school years as I studied 'child studies' in years 9 and 10.  I then went on to complete my Certificate 2 in children's services as part of my HSC. 
In 2015 my childcare career officially started when I was accepted to complete my Certificate 3 in 'Children's Services". Since completing my Certificate 3in 2016 I have worked at Step Ahead Kids where I support children as they grow and develop throughouttheir time in my care.  Some things I like to do on my weekends and some of my interests are spendingtime visiting my parents, enjoying some quality time with my dog, admiring my Jeep (Emily's Monster truck!)DIY's around my home, shopping, catching up with mates, fishing, 4wd, and camping.